GOT IA - IEA Gas & Oil Technologies Implementing Agreement

Recognizing that advances in technology is a key enabler to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its member nations and beyond, in March 2013 the International Energy Agency established the Gas & Oil Technologies Implementing Agreement (GOT). The goal of GOT is to create a global dialogue encouraging the development of advanced technology and the policy and regulatory drivers that allow for its use. Through this global dialogue and the strategic vision that will emerge, all of the hydrocarbon stakeholders work together to identify, address and resolve the major challenges facing the gas and oil industry.

Whether the challenges to be addressed are purely technical in nature or also have policy and regulatory implications, the work of the GOT will be organized and results produced through five task areas.

  • Subsurface & Enhanced Recovery will work in the area of finding and recovering more gas and oil by focusing on more efficient exploration; increased recovery of mobile and immobile oil; maximization of the recovery from new fields; and, increased recovery of conventional and unconventional gas
  • In the Drilling & Wells area, efforts will focus on more efficient drilling, down hole and intervention technologies. This work will seek to achieve faster, less expensive drilling; well placement and design; well quality, integrity and productivity; better completion and intervention; and, safer drilling operations
  • The Production & Processing task area will focus on enabling deep water, remote and arctic operations; exploring options for gas to market transport options and supply routes; reducing footprint through more efficient field development; and, extending field life with longer stepouts and tiebacks
  • Safe & Clean Hydrocarbons is an area of focus that is essential to maintaining the industry license to operate. This work will focus on safer operations; industry readiness and license to operate; energy efficient technology and reduced environmental footprint
  • Future Gas Value Chain will examine the role of gas in the world energy mix from well to wheels. The task area will include the expanded role of natural gas in the energy system; development of applications for future use of gas in industry’ enhanced exploitation of onshore and unconventional gas; smart gas grid development; and, gas in transportation

Each task area is challenged to develop a technology gap analysis, business cases, roadmaps and white papers as well as concrete plans, proposals and projects to advance technological development and its deployment throughout the industry to achieve the goals of safer, economical, and more sustainable development. Membership is by invitation to national governments, national and international oil companies, research universities, laboratories and other organizations interested in the mission of the GOT.


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